Tim Lenihan

DePaul ’05 (Horn) and ’00 (Piano)

Jon taught me music. He showed me, through his example, what it means to truly be an artist. I will never forget hearing his solo in Strauss’ Capriccio at Lyric Opera, and literally being moved to tears because there was something in his sound, in his phrasing, and in his music making that pierced right through me. I have never been so moved by a horn sound and doubt I ever will be again. It was then that I realized what Jon was trying to get me to do in my own playing. When I came to DePaul, all I wanted was the biggest, brassiest sound, a sound that peeled paint off of the walls. Jon showed me how important it is to create a beautiful sound. Even though I didn’t pursue horn playing, I doubt I would have been much of a pianist without everything he taught me. Thank you for everything.

Pete Nowlen

DePaul ’86

For me, the greatest thing about studying with Jon was getting to play together. It was so easy to get inside his sound-and to feel the direction he wanted to go. I swear he can lead telepathically. Then there was hearing him perform. His performances at Lyric at a time when they had a 4 horn section-no assistant-were unbelievable. Then I got to hear his Jan Bach recital at the 2009 IHS conference and heard technical virtuosity that I never knew he possessed. I always tell my west coast colleagues he’s the best kept secret of horn.