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Have the unique experience of studying with teachers that combine a world-class performing career with inspired, masterful teaching.

Students enrolled in the NU horn studio are immersed in a very stimulating and thorough program that include weekly lessons, studio masterclasses, university ensembles and an expansive chamber music program. Additionally, students have the option of participating in a weekly orchestral/operatic horn excerpt class where they learn performing skills in addition to building their repertoire. An active horn quartet program gives students the opportunity to learn how to function effectively within a horn section-focusing on heightened listening skills and implementing immediate adjustments to the ever changing performing environment.

This quartet skill immensely helps the student fit into a final section round at a professional audition. A spring quarter Wagner tuba class is also offered to those interested in gaining an understanding of this awkward instrument. Repertoire includes the Wagner “Ring” operas and Bruckner symphonies. All students work with both Professor Williams and Boen on a rotating basis. This collaborative approach provides a unique learning experience.

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