Elyse Lauzon

Northwestern MM’17 (San Diego Symphony – 2nd Horn)

Jon has had a significant influence on my musical journey from a student to a professional orchestral musician. When I came to Northwestern as a graduate student, I was in need of some “fine tuning” and refinement in my playing. Jon’s emphasis on tuning is one of the biggest elements that brought my playing to the next level and immediately I started advancing more in auditions. His attention to detail and musical expertise is extremely valuable to anyone wishing to pursue a position in a professional orchestra.

Jon’s teaching was critical in my development as a musician. I was lucky to have Jon as a chamber music coach for almost my entire time at Northwestern. He is extremely dedicated to his students, hosting weekly excerpt class, Wagner tuba class and mock auditions. These classes were invaluable to me as a young musician and certainly the most helpful classes I had taken at Northwestern.

Aside from feeling thoroughly prepared for auditions, I was confident knowing that other audition candidates mostly likely did not have a teacher as dedicated in their preparation as Jon. Even after winning a job, I still continue to play for Jon and he is always welcoming.

With his kind-hearted personality and humble demeanor, you never would know how superb of a musician he is. After attending Lyric Opera and Grant Park performances I was always stunned at his impeccable command over the instrument and how he makes it look so easy. Jon has undoubtedly put a lot of thought into horn playing and is able to convey his insights in a way that students can relate.

I would most likely not be where I am today had I not studied with Jon and, for that reason, I am truly grateful. I hope to return the favor to my future students who wish to pursue this competitive career.