Dan Vidican

DePaul ’01 (Lukas Horns)

I remember having a lesson one morning, soon after I started taking lessons from him. I’ll always remember that the day was actually a Tuesday in 1999. I’m in the studio at 8:30 am, and my dumb— brain thought it was a good idea to start the lesson with the Short Call. Jon walked in and about 5 minutes after we started the lesson and I butchered the excerpt, and I asked him if he could play it for me. He said, “Well, I don’t usually warm up first thing in the morning with the Short Call, but I’ll give it a shot…”, then reluctantly proceeds and plays…what do you know! He nails absolutely everything and leaves me speechless, thinking, “Wow, if he plays like this when he’s not warmed up, how the heck does he sound when he is actually warmed up?!!!”