Michelle Duchow

DePaul ’95

Where does one start when trying to sum up four years of lessons with Jon Boen? There were many words of wisdom and inspiration spoken that I still remember and use today. I remember leaving most lessons feeling very positive and inspired, ready to hit the practice room and work on all the new things I was just taught. I also remember other students saying the same thing. I was fortunate enough to hear the Lyric Opera do most of the Ring Cycle when I was at DePaul. I’ll never forget his golden sound seeming to just float out of the pit and fill the hall. So effortless. That was probably the best inspiration for learning. I wanted to (and still want to!) play like that and have that sound. There are a lot of good horn teachers and great players out there, but to find someone that can be both of these AND a normal human being on top of that is rare. Very often great players are not great people. I personally think that all teachers should be good examples, since students look up to them and respect them. Luckily, I got a teacher worth respecting. Apart from his words of wisdom for horn, he also had good advice for life in general. I don’t even know if teachers remember all the things they say to their students, words that we remember so many years later. I had 4 wonderful years at DePaul and was lucky to have had Jon as a teacher. He was the absolute perfect teacher for me.