Emily Wozniak

DePaul ’09

Jon was particularly helpful to me during a difficult period in my horn playing. I always appreciated his encouragement and willingness to try different approaches to solving the challenges I faced. A quote of his that I’ve always remembered is a reference to Charles Darwin, “Adapt or become extinct.” It maybe sounds somewhat blunt or harsh (not meant to), but he always pointed out the importance of being able to respond effectively to change. I thought it was an interesting point and relevant not only to my own horn playing but also the future of music. I also have to mention the enthusiasm Jon brought to coaching our Wagner tuba quartet! I loved playing in that group and his mentoring miraculously turned Wagner tuba playing into something I now jump at the chance to do. Overall, I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to study with Jon at DePaul and to hear him play in Lyric Opera. I remember going to see Lulu and being blown away by Jon’s flawless playing on such a difficult part. I feel fortunate to have lived in such a musically inspiring city for two years.